R&N/RBM&N/BM&R G-1 Pacific #425


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#425 was delivered new to the Gulf Mobile & Northern Railroad in 1928. She is a considerably light pacific, weighing in at 395,000 lbs. A 210 psi boiler pressure and 69″ drivers help produce 35,156 lbs of tractive effort. While #425 lacked any modern appliances, she was uniquely equipped with a front end throttle. She became #580 when the GM&N was consolidated into the Gulf Mobile and Ohio.  After being retired in 1950, she was sold to the Louisiana Eastern and became their #4. Once the railroad collapsed in 1961, she was sold to the Valley Forge Scenic in Kimberton, PA where she regained her old number again. In 1970, #425 was sold again and moved for storage at the Wilmington & Western railroad, where she never ran due to her high axle load. She was sold one last time to Andy Muller and was moved to the Blue Mountain & Reading railroad to Temple, PA to tourist trains. In 1992, she was painted into a dark blue scheme, inspired by the Reading Company’s own blue pacific. #425 was one of 6 operational steam locomotives present at the grand opening of the new Steamtown National Historic Site on 4th of July weekend 1995. She remained in operation just one more year and was retired in October 1996. She was placed into storage and sat dormant for nearly a decade.

In 2005, work began to restore #425 back to operation again. She made her first test run in December 2007, and again in May 2008. She debuted a new brighter blue and gold paint scheme, and her headlight was lowered to just above center on her smokebox face. Her bell was also relocated to the top of the smokebox. She would tour the entire Reading & Northern system, pulling many excursions, office car specials, and powering numerous trips on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railroad out of Jim Thorpe. She was once again repainted in 2015. This time, the top half of the engine was painted in a darker blue, and the lower half was painted black, with white accents on the wheels and running boards. Her spoked lead pilot wheel was finally replaced with a solid wheel, and her tender now spots a GM&N inspired logo bearing the RBM&N lettering. #425 was the star of the R&N’s Fall Foliage Excursions from Reading to Jim Thorpe during the last 2 weekends of October 2021. As of now, there are no plans to #425 as all efforts have been shifted to finishing Reading T-1 #2102. However, 2022 will be the last year for #425 to operate before she will need to receive her mandatory FRA 1472 inspection.

R&N/RBM&N/BM&R G-1 Pacific #425 set includes: (5) Engines, (5) Tenders, (7) Aux Tenders, (3) Baggage/Generator cars, (4) RPO Powerpak cars, (4) Coaches, (3) Observation/Coaches, (2) Pullman Sleepers, (1) Parlor, (2) Super Domes, (2) Pullman Observation cars, (2) Open Air cars, (3) Archroof coaches, and (19) pre-made consists.

Megapack Breakdown:

R&N 425 Engine & Tender V1 – 1983-1992 Scheme – BM&R lettering and black paint
R&N 425 Engine & Tender V2 – 1992-1996 Scheme – RBM&N lettering and dark blue paint
R&N 425 Engine & Tender V3 – 2008-2015 Scheme – R&N lettering and bright blue paint
R&N 425 Engine & Tender V4 – 2015-Present Scheme – R&N lettering and navy blue paint
R&N 425 Engine & Tender V5 – Fictional Scheme – Same as V4, but with high headlight

R&N 425 Aux Tender V1a – PRR Tender with high sidewalls in BM&R and black paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V1b – PRR Tender without sidewalls in BM&R and black paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V2 – PRR Tender without sidewalls in Iron Horse Ramble and dark blue paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V3a – PRR Tender without sidewalls in R&N and bright blue paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V3b – RDG Tender in R&N and bright blue paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V4 – RDG Tender in R&N and navy blue paint
R&N 425 Aux Tender V5 – PRR Tender without sidewalls in R&N and navy blue paint

R&N Baggage Generator Green – 1983-1996 Scheme – BM&R lettering and dark green paint
R&N RPO Powerpak Green
R&N Coach Green
R&N Observation Coach Green

R&N Coach Red BM&R – 1983-1996 – BM&R lettering and tuscan red paint

R&N Baggage Generator Red Faded – 2007-2019 – Faded RBM&N lettering and faded red paint
R&N RPO Powerpak Red Faded
R&N Coach Red Faded
R&N Observation Coach Red Faded
R&N Pullman Sleeper Red Faded
R&N Super Dome Red Faded
R&N Observation Pullman Red Faded

R&N Baggage Generator Red – 2019-Present – RBM&N lettering, gold embellishments and fresh red paint
R&N RPO Powerpak Red
R&N Coach Red
R&N Observation Coach Red
R&N Coach Archroof Red
R&N Open Air Red
R&N Pullman Sleeper Red
R&N Pullman Parlor Red
R&N Super Dome Red
R&N Observation Pullman Red

R&N Coach Archroof Blue V1 – 2007-2020 – Faded LGSR or RBM&N lettering and royal blue paint
R&N Coach Archroof Blue V2
R&N Open Air Blue

*All coaches have auto assigning numbers or names. All baggage, RPO, Parlor, Pullman, Dome and Observation cars have a default number which can be changed manually.

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