PRR M1b Mountain


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Highly considered to be the best steam locomotives the PRR ever produced for freight, the M1’s provided both high speeds and immense power. Although originally designed for mixed service, the sporadic passenger assignments entitled them to Keystone numberplate rather than the standard round freight plates. Due to extensive electrification, a large surplus of K4’s were available for the passenger services, so all the M1’s saw themselves used primarily on the heavier fast freights. The first prototype spent from 1923-1926 being tested, resulting in the first order of (200) to be built by Baldwin and Lima, followed by (100) more being ordered in 1930. They produced 69,700 lbs of tractive effort resting on (8) 72” drive wheels. This allowed for 100+ car trains to be hauled at speeds exceeding 65mph.

Today: Only (1) of the (301) M1’s survives:

#6755 is on display at the Railroad Museum of PA in Strasburg, PA

PRR M1b Mountain set includes: Engine and Tender

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