PRR K4s Pacific

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  •  3 Part Echo Whistle
    3 Part Echo Whistle
  •  Alpha Running Numbers
    Alpha Running Numbers
  •  Bill & Steve Cab Figures
    Bill & Steve Cab Figures
  •  Blueprint Design
    Blueprint Design
  •  Glowing Firebox
    Glowing Firebox
  •  Multiple Outside Views
    Multiple Outside Views
  •  Photographic Texturing
    Photographic Texturing


The K4s was the Pennsylvania Railroad’s premier passenger-hauling steam locomotive from 1914 through the end of steam. The K4s’ total length was 83ft 6in and it had a combined weight of 468,000lb. Along with it’s 80in drivers, the K4s produced 44,460lb of tractive effort. It was not uncommon to see a K4s easily pulling 12 coaches at 100+mph on level ground. The PRR K4s is widely considered to be one of the greatest steam locomotives designs of all time. It has been said that the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London & North Eastern Railway, Nigel Gresley, incorporated much of the boiler design into his famous Class A1 Pacific. The K4s was used until the end of steam in 1957.

Today: Only (2) of the PRR’s original (425) K4s’ survive:

#1361 is currently being restored at the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, PA
#3750 is on display outdoors at the Railroad Museum of PA in Strasburg, PA

PRR K4s Pacific set includes: (3) Engines and (3) Tender in: Pre-War, Post-War and Experimental Deflectors

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