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The M Class was the Norfolk & Western’s answer to a need for more powerful locomotives to haul their constantly growing coal trains. Starting in 1906, the N&W received (125) 4-8-0 Mastodons, built by Baldwin and Alco, utilizing a 4-8-0 wheel arrangement over the 2-8-2 because of the 4-8-0’s better adhesive weight. Unlike conventional steam locomotives, the cab’s on these 4-8-0’s were located completely along side the firebox, allowing for an overall shorter engine length. Originally built with inside Stephenson Valve Gear, (30) were later converted to Baker Valve Gear, only (10) were eventually superheated, and all were hand fired. Nicknamed “Mollies”, they may not have been pretty, but for 1906 technology, they could pull! A 200psi boiler pressure, 21×30″ cylinders and 56″ drivers combined to produce 40,163 lbs of tractive effort. The Mollies were the go-to mainline freight locomotives for only a short time. Within a decade, the N&W began purchasing Y Class 2-8-8-2 articulated mallets, capable of hauling 2-3x the tonnage, downgrading the M Class fleet to branch line work, where the rails were lighter and tonnage loads were less. #382 gained acclaim with the extensive photo and audio coverage by renowned photographer O. Winston Link. She could be found powering the daily “Virginia Creeper” along the N&W’s now abandoned Abington Branch.

Today: (2) of the original (125) M Class 4-8-0’s built in 1906-1907 survive.

#433 is on display at the Abington, VA.
#475 Was purcha
sed by the Strasburg Railroad in 1991 from the Boone Scenic Railroad in Boone, IA. She was restored to operating condition in 1993 and has been active on the roster since. #475 is the oldest of the SRC’s (5) steam locomotives. She was featured in Thomas & The Magic Railroad in 2000, and has been used in a number of Lerro Productions 382 Charters recreating the Virginia Creeper with SRC’s vintage freight cars.


N&W/SRC M Mastodon Megapack includes: (5) Engines, (4) Tenders, (18) Passenger Cars and (5) Freight Cars

Locomotive variations include:

N&W V1: 1940s-1950s center headlight appearance
N&W V2 1940s-1950s high headlight appearance
SRC V1: 1993-2004 appearance
SRC V2: 2005-present appearance
SRC 382: Lerro Productions Virginia Creeper Charter appearance

SRC Modern Scheme Passenger cars include:

SRC “Donald E. L. Hallock” B&M Combine
SRC “Grasshopper Level” B&M Coach
SRC “Gobbler’s Knob” B&M Coach
SRC “Cherry Crest” B&M Coach
SRC “Mill Creek” B&M Coach
SRC “William McFarlan” B&M Coach
SRC “Huber Leath” P&R Coach
SRC “Walnut Hollow” P&R Coach
SRC “Susquehanna” P&R Coach
SRC “William M. Moedinger” Ma&Pa Coach
SRC “Warren F. Benner” WM Coach
SRC “Henry K. Long” B&M Diner
SRC “Lee E. Brenner” B&M Diner
SRC “Marian” B&M Parlor
SRC “Daffodil Spring” B&M Open Air
SRC “Pleasant View” B&M Open Air
SRC “Valley View” B&M Open Air
SRC “Hello Dolly” B&M Open Air

SRC Vintage Freight Cars include:

Ma&Pa Wood Box Car #713 & 723
Tidewater Tank Car #1367
Ma&Pa Flat Car #122
PRR H21a Hopper #194796
DT&I Wood Caboose #12

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    While in content manager, go to FILE on the top left and select "import cdp" or "import content", find your downloaded cdp and select.

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