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The Canadian National U-1-f class was the final revision of the railroad’s 4-8-2 mountain type, and were built in 1944 by the Montreal Locomotive Works in Quebec. While they shared similar dimensions as the prior (58) locomotives, these (20) new U-1-f’s were a far cry mechanically and cosmetically. Saddled on 73″ box pox drivers and a one piece cast steel frame, the U-1-f’s weighed 324 tons (loaded),  operated at 260 psi, produced 52313 lbs of tractive effort, and trailed Vanderbilt style tenders with capacities of 5000 gals of oil, and 11000 gallons of water.

These new locomotives sported olive green streamlined skirting, gold pin striping, and most notably, a blunted cap covering the smokebox. This feature inspired their nickname: “Bullet-Nose Betty”. Eventually a number of them lost the Bullet Nose. The U-1-f’s were originally built as passenger locomotives, but the choice of 73″ drivers made them quite suitable for fast-freight duties. All were retired by 1960.

Of the (20) U-1-f’s built in 1944, (3) were saved for preservation.

#6060 is being restored at the Alberta Prairie Railway by the Rocky Mountain Rail Society.
#6069 is on display at the Sarnia Centennial Park in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
#6077 is on display at the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum in Capreol, Ontario, Canada.

#6060 was retired in 1959, and sat in storage awaiting scrapping. CN engineer Harry R.J. Home purchased the locomotive for $1 and in 1962, the 6060 was placed on static display at the Jasper, Alberta train station. A decade later, the Canadian National reacquired the 6060 and restored her to operating condition to replace the U-2-g #6218 for excursion service. After 7 years of operation, the 6060 was retired for a second time. The 6060 was once again restored in 1986 by Harry Home and the Rocky Mountain Rail Society to operating condition. Her restoration coincided with Steam Expo 86. She traveled under her own power to Vancouver to participate in the event, arriving just days before the event ended. The 6060 stayed in Vancouver until 1988, often double heading with CP Royal Hudson #2860 and CP 2-8-0 #3716. She was then stored at the Alberta Railway Museum until 1998, and was then moved to Alberta Prairie Railway in Stettler, Alberta, Canada, and operated until 2011. As of today, the 6060 is undergoing a full restoration to operating condition.

Harry R.J. Home passed away on March 30th 2020. Without Harry’s efforts, the 6060 would not exist today.

The CN U-1-f Mountain set includes: (2) Engines, (2) Tenders, (1) Aux Tender, (18) passenger cars

CN U1f Engine and Tender V1 – Bullet Nose Betty w/Round Maple Leaf CN logo
CN U1f Engine and Tender V2 – No nose cone w/Square CN Logo
CN U1f Aux Tender 6060B – 6060’s Auxiliary Water Tender

Lightweight Passenger Cars: Baggage, 1st Class Coach, Daynighter, Cafe-Bar-Lounge, 10-5 Sleeper, E Series Sleeper

All cars available in:
V1 – CN Black & Green
V2 – CN Black & White
VIA – Blue & Yellow

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  2. Launch your Trainz Content Manager.
  3. Drag the downloaded cdp file into the content manager window.
    While in content manager, go to FILE on the top left and select "import cdp" or "import content", find your downloaded cdp and select.

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