A&WP P-74 Pacific #290


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The 290 was original built in 1926 by the Lima Locomotive works in Lima Ohio. She was one of only 2 heavy 4-6-2 P-74 Pacifics built for the West Point Route. Sister engine #190 served on the Western Railway of Alabama, and the 290 was assigned to the A&WP. For the most part, these engines were extensions of the USRA design, and although they were produced a few years ahead of Lima’s Super Power revolution, they did sport a firebox combustion chamber, a feature that dramatically increased her steaming abilities. With 74 inch drivers, and a tractive effort rating of 47500 lbs., these engines could burn the rails when turned loose. They were rated at a maximum speed of 90 mph.

Both engines were retired by 1954.

The 190 fell victim to the scrappers torch a few years later, while the 290 was saved by a group called: “The 290 Club”, and was placed on display at Lakewood Park in Atlanta, GA in 1958.

Seven years later, the engine was in need of a new home, and was rescued by W. Graham Claytor of the Southern Railway. She was stored in the Southern’s Inman Yard for close to a decade before the Atlanta Chapter of the NRHS had her moved to their museum in Duluth Georgia. In 1986, an ambitious restoration project began on the engine to bring her back to operation. She emerged under steam in September 1989 for the first time in 35 years. She is sporting numerous embellishments such as white accents on the running boards and wheels, the candlesticks over the headlight, the cylinder cap stars taken from Savannah & Atlanta #750, a rooster comb smoke lifter built by today’s fireman Conrad Cheney, and notably, the red headlight number plates, inspired by former Southern Steam Program head: Bill Purdie. It should also be noted that a number of the 190’s parts have been reported to be present on the 290.

The 290 ran under the New Georgia Railroad until the end of 1992, when she was retired once again and placed on permanent display at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA.

Today she is undergoing a cosmetic restoration on-site at the museum.

The A&WP P-74 290 set includes:

A&WP 290 Engine & Tender – Original – As Delivered
A&WP 290 Engine & Tender – Excursion V1 – Single Beam Headlight & Darker Smokebox
A&WP 290 Engine & Tender – Excursion V2 – Twin Beam Headlight & Lighter Smokebox
W of A 190 Engine & Tender

A&WP Aux Tender WT-52
Southern Aux Tender WT-52

AEE  – Parlor – 800321 – “New York”
AEE – Sleeper – 800298 – “Paris”
NGRX – Business Observation – #1000
NGRX – Coach PS tri-colored- #2001, #2002
NGRX – Coach PS silver – #1502, #1503, #1505
NGRX – Baggage – #206 – “Georgia”
NGRX – Lounge Budd – #1500
NGRX – Sleeper PS 10-6 – #2000
NGRX – Heavyweight Coach – #1102
NGRX – Betterment Coach – #1103
NGRX – Parlor Observation – #114 – “Blue Ridge”

*Note: The FP7 displayed in the video was not developed by K&L Trainz, therefore is not included with the A&WP 290 set.

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